The MENU of the ConvertCall is very simple and well structed. It has 4 main parts:

  • My WIdgets
  • Calls
  • Dashboard
  • Support



“MY WIDGETS” is the part where you add and design the widget itself as well as set the conditions and triggers of the widget. It has the submenu which includes the following parts:



Main settings

To create a new widget, please click on “Add new Widget” button:

  1. To begin with please add the website address where the widget will be installed:



  1. Then click on “Add manager” button:

You can add, edit, disactivate or delete the managers.


* Call managers are people who answer the calls by ConvertCall system. 

* Call mangers can receive calls only during their working hours.

When adding the manager, the following information can be set:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Time zone
  • Working hours (can be customized)



When you added the manager, please confirm his/her number by clicking on the link “Verify” near the manager’s number:

You will receive the SMS with the confirmation code to be entered in the following window:

After that the manager’s contact will be activated and he will receive the phone calls.


Do not forget to save the changes after you set the manager, please use “Save &continue” button on the very bottom of the page:



  1. To set the way the calls will follow each other please use the “Call sequence” option.

There are 3 possibilities to choose from:


  1. At the same time

The system calls all managers at once until one of them answers a call.


  1. In a random sequence

The system calls all managers in a random sequence: with 5-10 seconds delay. After one of the managers answers a call, the dialing is ended.


  1. In a sequence


This option offers you as well 2 possibilities to set the sequence:


You set the order of the managers choosing who the system will call first, if he is not available then it will dial the second from the list and exc.:



By ranking

The system calls all managers in sequence from higher to lower rate: with 5-10 seconds delay. After one of the managers answers a call, the dialing is ended.


  1. “Time to call back” is the part of the menu where you set the callback time:

from 8 to 59 sec.

*We recommend you to set the callback time between 25 and 27 sec.


  1. “Retry failed calls” option allows you to provide a callback even if the client did not answer straight away or the manager did do either for any reason, or in both these cases. You can set up to 10 attempts with different time interval. 



  1. “Call recording” gives you the possibility to record the phone calls provided by your managers. Client will be warned about call recording.


  1.  “Country codes to display in widget” 

There are 2 options to choose from:

  1. Display all
  2. Display selected

Setting the “Display all” option you will make all the country codes visible for the client on the widget. There is a possibility to make one or few particular country visible first from the entire list.

With the option “Display selected” only the country codes of your choice will be visible for the website visitors:



  1. If you want to receive notifications about the actions made by website visitors with the widget there is an option called “Email(s) for notifications”.

You can add several email addresses for different types of notifications:

  1. To follow up on the callback provided or if you did not manage to join the potential client, not to lose him you should activate the “After calling SMS to visitor” where you can add the customized text of the message:


After setting everything in this part of the submenu, please use “Save &continue” button to proceed with “Design & content” of the widget: