In the “Form design & content” there is a widget form editor to personize the form itself and the text in it. In the editor you can update the “Widget template” and “Widget content”. There are 5 “widget types” to choose from:

  • Standard
  • Sidebar
  • Standard Plus
  • Overlay
  • Minibar


Widget template


Standard template is set by default. The structure of the widget is very simple and has 3 main parts:

The widget templates differ in size and the menu layout. Standard Plus template has an option to add the background photo, for example. The template choice makes it possible for you to personalize your widget. By choosing the template in a dropbox you can see the exact way it will look on your website.

Next option is “widget color”, here you can either choose from the existing colours or add the customized one to suit your website colour, for example.


“Button shape” offers you the following button design options:


Widget content


In the “Widget content” you have access to the following settings:

  1. You can upload the picture, which will be either the photo of the manager or the logo of the company:


  1. The next step will be to update the text loaded in the form. This is the great option to personize the text itself as well as the text of the button for every part of the widget. 

You can write in any language, moreover for your convenience we have created the default text templates as an example:



Let’s look at each tab separately:


“Call me now”


This is the tab where the website visitor can request the free callback.

*Do not forget to set the callback time in seconds which was set already in the “Main settings” as well:


The “Call now” button has an option to activate the “Pre-form” tab by switching on the “Two step form”. The “Pre-form” will help you to capture the website visitor and involve him in requesting the callback.



“Message us

In this tab the client can leave his contact details to be reached later, it can happen when the manager is not available or the client does not want to request the callback.




“Schedule a call

The tab where the client can request the callback at a convenient date and time.

Date and time will be substituted based on the work schedule of the manager set in the “Main settings”. The customer will be dialed automatically at a specified time:



“Out of office

The tab that has similar function with the “Schedule a call” tab, it appears out of the manager´s working hours.



It appears when any of the actions from the tabs below was fulfilled by the client, the text per each part “Call now”, “Message” or “Schedule” can be customized accordingly.


Moreover, after setting these parts you can invite your website visitors to join your Social Media Accounts:



“Other settings”


There are as well the so-called “Other settings” which allow you:

  1. To set timer for the callback and add the personalized text, “Show timer”
    1. To give the visitor opportunity to rate the service quality after the callback, “Show call rate”- customer ratings are collected in the statistics of calls and determine the rating of managers.
    2. “Show call stats”- social proof function shows real data of the widget activity on the calls ordered in the widget, you can set the display for a day, 7 days and 30 days:


  1. “Show Data protection” – here you can set the link to the website security policy:



  1. “Close widget clicking on background”- When enabled, it is possible to close the widget when you click on the background of the website.


  1. “Show Powered by ConvertCall”- enable / disable branding